2011 Employer Reconciliation – Due 3rd June 2011

Some handy tips we have discovered from working on the SARS Easyfile system that will assist you with the 2011 EMP501 submissions.

  1. Ensure you’re on the latest Easyfile version (currently 4.3.2) – if the “update” option doesn’t work, go to www.sarsefiling.co.za and actually download a new version – it will then ask to replace your current version (click ‘yes’), then re-start your PC once done for the changes to be effected.
  2. If you’re updating tax numbers etc, you have to use the actual e-filing log-in and password on which the EMP501 rights is linked to (e.g. we cannot use our profile to link to e-filing while the EMP501 rights are on your actual profile)
  3. Only give out IRP5’s to employees once the EMP501 has been submitted AND accepted by SARS (check via status dashboard under Utilities option)

Reminder that the IRP5’s need to be complete to avoid penalties being levied by SARS for incomplete/inaccurate submissions.

For smooth and hassle-free EMP501 reconciliation submissions, please contact Juanita about our automated payroll solutions.

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