AgriBEE Charter Council calls on all enterprises in the broader agricultural sector to submit B-BBEE scorecards

All agricultural enterprises that fall within the scope of application of the AgriBEE Sector Code are therefore requested to upload their valid B-BBEE certificates and scorecards on the AgriBEE portal. All exempted micro-enterprises (EME’s) are also required to upload an accountant/auditor’s letter of declaration onto the portal. Alternatively, agricultural entities can submit their valid AgriBEE certificates and scorecards and/or EME status accountant letters electronically to DAFF at

In brief, the scope of application of the AgriBEE Sector Code includes any enterprise that derives the majority of its turnover from:

  • The primary production of agricultural products.
  • The provision of inputs and services to enterprises engaged in the production of agricultural products.
  • The beneficiation of agricultural products, whether of a primary or semi-beneficiated form.
  • The storage, distribution, and/or trading and allied activities related to non-beneficiated agricultural products.

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