Annual Returns For Close Corporations

Annual Returns to the Registrar of Close Corporations is being introduced from 1 May 2008. Each close corporation is compelled in terms of the Act to lodge an Annual Return once every year in terms of Sections 15A and 16A of the Close Corporations Act.

The Registrar needs to determine whether a registered organisation is still in business and confirm the latest information of the close corporation.

An Annual Return needs to be lodged within the anniversary month of its official incorporation up to the end of the month following its anniversary month.

Should a close corporation fail to lodge and pay for its Annual Returns for a period more than six months, the Registrar may conclude that the close corporation is no longer conducting business and may refer it to be deregistered.

The Annual Return must be lodged on payment of the prescribed fee in electronic format. The prescribed fees relating to Annual Returns for close corporations are detailed below:

Turnover of less than R50m – R100.00
Turnover R50m and more – R4,000.00
Penalty fee for each late lodgement – R150.00

If the information that must be lodged with the Annual Return is not the same as the information on CIPRO’s database, the relevant CK2 and/ or CK2A form must be lodged before the annual return is due.

Prior to the due date, you will be notified of the Annual Returns due and we will request permission to lodge the returns on your behalf. The prescribed fees would then need to be paid into our bank account, so that we may pay the fees on your behalf when lodging the Annual Return with CIPRO.

Please note that our fee for obtaining the information required, arranging payment to CIPRO and submitting each Annual Return is R500 excl VAT. This fee has been incorporated into our annual administration charge. Therefore, there will be no additional charge if the close corporation’s 2008 annual administration fee has been paid.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Nkosiyazi Jwili says:

    I would to do annual returns for Sigujwi trading enterprise cc. please assist with step by step on how to do it online.

    thank you

    • CoSec says:

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      You would need to login to the CIPC website.

      Please note that the CIPC website is currently having technical problems and you will not be able to submit your annual return at this moment. We would advise to keep checking the Home page of the CIPC website for further details regarding these problems.

      Below are the steps to submit an annual return:

      1. Login to the CIPC website using your login name and password.
      2. Click on the Annual Returns button.
      3. On the Online Services page, click on the hyperlink “click here”.
      4. Type in your CC name, registration number and the security code they provide (type the CC name in without CC at the end).
      5. It will then ask you to provide your turnover, as per your latest Financial Statements.
      6. The next screen will give you some more information regarding annual returns, you can click Submit and it will submit your annual return.
      7. The final screen will ask you to Save or Print the Confirmation.

      We would welcome the opportunity to assist you with any further queries you may have, as we are able to provide you with a professional and personalised service to meet all your Statutory and other Financial requirements.

      Please do not hesitate to contact our Company Secretarial Department at our offices on 021 683 4834.

      Please refer to our Disclaimer.

      • Lourens van Tonder says:

        I want to take over a cc that has not submitted any annual returns in a long time, not been used how do I go about to change member ans activate cc

        • MDACC says:


          If the CC has been deregistered, it can only be reactivated if it owns fixed property / assets. If so, you can find a guide on the CIPC website on how to reactivate it but the process can take between 6 to 12 months.

          If the company is only in “deregistration process”, you can create a free CIPC account via their website and submit the outstanding Annual Returns to bring them up to date.

          Only once the Annual Returns are up to date will you be able to amend the membership details which can also be done via the CIPC website.

          Should you require assistance with the above, please contact our offices for a quotation.

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