August 2011 Bi-Annual PAYE Reconciliation

September 2011

The August 2011 Bi-Annual PAYE reconciliation submission period is from 1 September 2011 to 28 October 2011 – All employers must prepare and submit their declaration (EMP501) and employees’ IRP5’s to SARS reconciling the PAYE/SDL/UIF paid during the first 6 months of the 2012 tax year, being March to August 2011. Omission of mandatory information (ie. the employee’s income tax numbers) will be regarded by SARS as an incomplete submission and will result in severe penalties being levied. Penalties of between R250 and R16 000 per incomplete employee information could be levied!!

Registration of employees is now made easier via a new “ITREG” Bundle function on e@syFile, or you can register manually via SARS E-filing.

Automated payroll software will allow for the importing of the required employee information directly into the e@syFile program – saving considerable time and expense when compared to manual calculations and capturing of the mandatory information.

Should you like us to assist you with this process or assist you with electronic income tax registrations for your employees (either at your offices or directly on your behalf), please contact Juanita Roman 021 – 683 4834 or

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