Beware of SARS ‘Telephone Audits’

It has come to our attention that some taxpayers have recently received telephone calls from persons claiming to be SARS employees – the caller then proceeds to ask the client questions relating to a recently submitted tax return. Only at the end of the call is the client/taxpayer advised by the caller that the call was a so-called ‘telephone audit’ performed by SARS.
We advise taxpayers to be careful under these circumstances – the obvious risk is correct verification of the caller as a SARS employee and his/her identity; also, verbal communication can be easily be misinterpreted or misunderstood by the caller.

We therefore advise that the following be done in this case:

  1. Unless the caller’s identity can be verified, do not provide any telephonic information.
  2. Unless you are absolutely sure about the facts and details on the information being queried, do not provide any telephonic information.
  3. Request the SARS caller to send you the questions in writing – fax or email is sufficient
  4. Seek our assistance where appropriate; and
  5. Reply to SARS’s questions in writing – therefore no misconstruing of information

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