Congratulations Dave on 15 years at MD!

Dave Rich celebrated his 15 year Anniversary at MD on 15 October 2012.

We organised a surprise party lunch to celebrate the occasion, complete with bubbly, balloons, speeches, cake and a gift.

Much fun was had by all.

lunch preparations

Cathy, Karen, Fatima




Hildi, Sam

Carl, Dave, Cedric, Cathy, Karen

Fatima receiving Employee of the Month for August 2012 – well done!

Congratulations Sam on five years at MD – 22 October 2012

Sam, Farai, Cedric, Steven

Danie, Karen, Cindy, Alinza, Christo

Congratulations Dave!

Alexis congratulating Dave on the past 15 years

Amanda, Michael

Dave’s thank you

Bronwyn, Paul, Amanda, Michael, Lizette, Jackie, Jen, Karen, Cathy, Danie, Naazneen, Cindy

Dave’s gift from MD

Jen, Lizette

Ian, Aldrin, Rezaah, Steven, Christo
Mohamed, Farai

Naazneen, Lizette, Alinza, Bronwyn, Fatima
Zulpha, Jackie, Cathy, Karen, Hildi

Keith, Jaclyn

Karen, Cathy

Christo, Rezaah, Farai, Steven, Ian, Paul, Aldrin, Mohamed

Alexis, Dave

Alexis, Dave

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