Don’t miss the Opportunity to have the Taxman subsidise your savings

Don’t forget to review and maximise your Retirement Annuity Contributions before the 28th of February. The Tax advantage given to these savings is a huge bonus in providing you and your family with a solid Retirement and Wealth Maximisation platform.

Also don’t forget that you can donate R50 000 to a Family Trust by the same date. In terms of Wealth Protection and general tax planning it makes sense to donate this money through the making of an investment in the name of your Trust.

Charles Stone ( has access to a variety of world class, low cost options in relation to the above opportunities. Please contact him urgently to ensure you maximise this opportunity.

Charles is an independent broker, Certified Financial Planner registered with the Financial Services Board and fully FAIS and FICA compliant, we are sure that you will be delighted by the professionalism he brings to the Investment Arena.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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