It’s just the beginning as tax takes its toll

Any sensible person would concur with Brendan Seery’s comments that the e-tolling system is nothing but an additional tax (The Star, March 14).

Sanral and the government have seen it fit to target the richest province in the country to fund their road construction programme.
Road users from various points in the province are virtually corralled on to the tolled motorways without an alternative. In Europe, there are A and B route options which run alongside the M roads.

Another serious question that needs answering is why Sanral needs access to one’s bank account. This in a country where corruption and theft has become endemic. Opening a separate account for Sanral’s transactions might be a safer proposition.
This whole tax idea that Seery writes of is unfortunately not going to end there. Already we’re in a situation where fewer than 5 million taxpayers are supporting a socialist programme for 45 million people. That is why we have one of the highest tax rates in the world.

The minister of finance sought applause for the first trillion rand budget in Parliament the other day. The only people smiling, I’m sure, were the tenderpreneurs, because the ordinary taxpayer has already been squeezed to the max. Medical aid schemes are already being fiddled with to fund the government’s health-care programme. Next will be the nationalisation of pension funds. And guess at who’s expense that will be?

The talk of increasing the tax base by creating 5 million viable jobs by 2020 sounds more like a thumb-suck.

There is no guessing what we’re about to experience in this country as all this is evidenced by what is happening in the Middle East and Europe at the moment.


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