January and February 2013 Tax Deadlines

Have you submitted your 2012 Income Tax returns?

Most individual taxpayers had until 23 November 2012 to complete and submit their personal 2012 income tax returns, but SARS has granted a further timeframe for those taxpayers who are classified as ‘Provisional’ taxpayers – their tax deadline for submission is 31 January 2013. This also applies to certain Trusts who are also classified by SARS as ‘Provisional’ taxpayers.

For entities however, the statutory deadline for submission of their 2012 income tax return remains 12 months from the end of their year-end (eg  29/02/2012 year end has until 28/02/2013 to render their corporate tax return).

We would be happy to assist you with meeting these submission requirements to avoid SARS levying late submission penalties in terms of the new Tax Administration Act for all taxpayers that fail to meet these deadlines.

Please contact Juanita Roman to assist you with any queries you may have.


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