MD’s client, Daphne Olivier, celebrated her 100th Birthday this month!

MD’s dedication to our client,
Daphne Olivier

on the incredibly special milestone of your

100th Birthday!!!

~ 11 October 2020 ~

A big Congratulations to Daphne, an amazing lady, and MD’s oldest client.

This is a remarkable milestone and we are so privileged to know you.

Daphne celebrated her Birthday on the 11th of October surrounded by loved ones and truly enjoyed her special day.

Daphne, taken on the day of her 100th birthday

Attached below is an article, which appeared in the Woodside Village in-house magazine, The Woodsider, recently. This article provides some lovely background on Daphne’s life.

Article in The Woodsider for 100th – Daphne Olivier

Article written by: Mez Smith

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