National Wills Week

This week is National Wills Week and we urge you to consider whether your will is up to date and relevant to your current circumstances:

  1. Has the composition of your beneficiaries changed through births and deaths?
  2. Will your existing will create family divisions after your death?
  3. Will poor terminology in your will inadvertently disinherit an intended beneficiary?
  4. Will you unintentionally benefit your ex-spouse and prejudice your new spouse by not updating your will?
  5. Has your country of residence changed?
  6. Have you adequately provided for children or other beneficiaries with disabilities?
  7. Are your nominated Executors and Trustees still relevant, appropriate and available for appointment?
  8. Does your will comply in all aspects with the Wills Act?
  9. Does your will aim to minimise estate duty and capital gains tax due on death?
  10. Does your will and estate plan provide for liquidity in your estate upon your death?
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