NEW PPRA NOTICE: Estate Agents Audit Report Submission Process Changes – August 2022

The online portal for submitting the property practitioner/estate agents trust audit report has not yet been updated for the new Act!

Summary of changes:

  • Online submission via the portal is still required
  • The old template is to be used via the portal
  • Interest declared for 11 months only (if February 2022 year-end) based on the old Act’s rules
  • No declaration of interest for months under the new Act
  • 2023 trust audit report will cover a 13-month period for previously undeclared interest under the new Act
  • No declaration of unidentified receipts under the new Act
  • 2022 trust audit reports already submitted do not require resubmission
  • 31 August 2022 submission deadline still applicable if February 2022 year-end


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