NOTICE TO ALL EMPLOYERS – W.As8 /Return of Earnings 2019 (February 2020 period)

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The 2019 Return of Earnings (ROE) for Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA) submission deadline was extended to 31 May 2020 (initial deadline was 31 March 2020).

The Workmen’s Compensation website for online submission/transacting on the ROE website was only opened on 1 April 2020.

This return relates to the payroll tax year 01/03/2019 – 29/02/2020.

If you are unsure whether your entity (as the employer) must register for Workmen’s Compensation, please read our blog   

And very importantly within the COVID-19 period, many of the relief measures are only available to fully compliant entities. This includes Workmen’s Compensation!!!

Our outsourced payroll services ensure that we work with you to maximise your tax and payroll efficiencies and ensure that all your compliance requirements have been met – especially during this difficult period!

Our payroll services would also allow you to be better prepared for the increased scrutiny from SARS with payroll queries and audits.

We can assist with all your UIF, Workmen’s Compensation and SARS payroll nightmares to save you both time and money!

Please feel free to contact me or anyone in our tax department if you require any assistance or advice.

Nomusa, Juanita, Chantal, Fatima, Cecelia

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  2. Teran Folgy says:

    i just want to if the normal uif is still on hold or have they open for the unemployed people again to submit for payments?

    • MDACC says:


      TERS claims for April and May 2020 are being processed (June 2020 claims not yet open).

      Other ‘normal’ UIF claims have always been available for processing via u-filing portal or manual submission of UIF offices.

  3. Elsa Michau says:

    I struggle since 25 May up to date to do submission for the Compensation Commissioner. What should I do? No password as promised?

    • MDACC says:


      Please direct your technical queries to the Compensation Fund on 0860 105 350, as they are the only one currently able to assist you in this specific matter.

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