SARS deadline for payment/submission – 31 March 2015


SARS has issued a notice that all returns and payments due on 31 March 2015 must be submitted and/or payment made (where applicable) BEFORE 12h00 (noon) on the day.

Any return submission or payments made after 12h00 may be regarded as late and may be subject to penalties and interest.

This would apply to all monthly returns (ie VAT 201 returns and payment thereof), Provisional tax returns (for March or September year ends), any Dividends Tax returns and payments required and any tax assessment payments.

SARS has advised that a 10% late payment penalty may be payable and interest will be raised on the outstanding tax and penalty amounts.  This will result in additional unnecessary administration to request remittance and related objections. Interest charged may not be waived by SARS. 

Kindly note that SARS does not accept ANY cheque payments in excess of R100 000.00 – alternative payment methods are available via SARS e-filing, EFT transfer and direct deposit at any bank branches. Payments placed in a SARS drop box, on a business day must be received by 15:00. Where payments are received after 15:00, this will be deemed to have been received on the first following business day.

We therefore urge you to ensure that any returns and/or payments due by 31 March 2015 are submitted before 12h00 (noon) on 31st March.

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