SARS Error with EMP201 submission on 5 June 2020

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Last Friday, 5 June 2020, SARS had e-filing technical difficulties which prevented some employers from requesting/submitting the required May 2020 EMP201 to SARS. Although the matter was resolved by SARS by late afternoon/early evening on Friday, some employers may not have been able to submit their calculated Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) claims or were charged penalties and interest on late submission of the return/late payment of the required liabilities due to SARS by the required deadline of 5 June 2020.

Please note that any SARS Covid-19 relief is dependent on the employer/taxpayer being 100% compliant with SARS at all times.

Please contact me to assist you in having these remedied to ensure your tax compliance status is not impacted.

Juanita Roman | Associate

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