Some of the steps that you can implement to earn points for the Priority Elements using the Amended Codes

1.  Ownership

  • The priority element status is 10% (40% of 25% Black unencumbered ownership target) which means that there must be a minimum of 10% unencumbered Black ownership in the Measured Entity
  • Any debt linked to this Black equity must be managed so that over a graduated period of 10 years, at least 40% of 25% (10%) of the value of the Measured Enterprise is unencumbered Black equity.

2.  Skills Development

  • The priority element status is 8 points (40% of total 20 points)
  • Category B,C and D learnerships are now essential
  • You must register with a SETA and submit your Workplace Skills Plans
  • Target bursaries, particularly with Black people who could become your future employees

3.  Procurement (Supplier and Enterprise Development).

  • The priority element status is 40% of each of the targets in each category
  • 9 points are available for Procurement with 51% or more Black Owned Businesses based on a target of 40% of total procurement spend
    4 points are available for Procurement with 30% or more Black Women Owned Businesses based on a target of 12% of total procurement spend
  • Review your supplier list for suppliers who have achieved a low recognition level and who do not have any black ownership
  • Approach your suppliers who are not rated to encourage them to undertake a verification engagement
  • Identify the products and services that you can purchase from alternative suppliers
  • Approach your suppliers who have black ownership to determine whether they could supply you with some of the products and services you need
  • A black owned supplier can also be used for supplier development and allows you to help them to supply exactly what you need.
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