Stardust Restaurant

As is custom at the end of each year, all MD staff get together for a year-end function to celebrate the past year’s successes and look forward to the new year. This past December, we celebrated by going to Stardust Restaurant in Rondebosch. The theme for the evening was “A Touch of Silver and Stars”.

Dave and Amanda Rich

Michael van Breda and Alexis Sacks

Sian Borret -Short and Tim Short

Caroline and Randall Poole

Kara Wessels and Spencer Samuels

Hildigard Fritz and Brandon Arendse

Saul Josselowitz

Karen and Raoul Venter

Robyn and Carl Erasmus

Danie Haumann and Cathy Leroy

Ineke van Vlaanderen

Paul Munday and Jaclyn Ross

Adam and Jennifer Whitehouse

Braam and Lizette Janse van Rensberg

Nicolé Wege and Petrus van Eck

Ahmed Lakhi and Farzana Noorgat

Samantha Adams and Rafiek Petersen

Mohammed and Fatima Bapukee

Chris and Juanita Roman

The Birthday Boy: Hugo Lambrechts

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