Start of 2013 Tax Season

SARS 2013 tax season officially started on 1 July 2013 and SARS is encouraging all taxpayers to use SARS e-filing channels to file their tax returns and avoid those queues at the  SARS offices!!!

SARS is also now using Help-You-eFile service and eFiling MobiApp for smart phones to allow easier access to one’s tax returns – access 24 hours per day to reduce the risk of late submission and the administrative penalties for outstanding returns.

Deadline Dates:

  • Manual 2013 tax return submission (by post/drop off in a SARS drop box) is 27 September 2013.
  • Non-provisional taxpayers via SARS e-filing is 22 November 2013 (Ie. employed individuals who earn an income from one or more employer).
  • Provisional taxpayers via SARS e-filing is 31 January 2014 (Ie. Individuals with other forms of income – investment income, sole trader business, rental income or directors of companies/members of close corporations).

SARS has also increased the annual income threshold for mandatory submission of a tax return from R120 000 to R250 000 for non-provisional taxpayers. Taxpayers whose total Gross Income for the year is below R250 000 may not have to file returns if they meet the following criteria:

  • they only earn one salary from one employer (i.e. they only have one IRP5);
  • they do not have any other form of income (e.g. interest or rental income) and
  • they need not claim deductions such as medical expenses, retirement annuities or travel expenses.

If you are uncertain whether you need to submit a tax return or not or need help with filing of your return, please contact our tax department to help you with your tax needs.

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