Statement on the Recognition of Broad-Based Schemes – Some Relief!

The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) has noted the questions relating to paragraph 1 (d) of the General Notice issued in Gazette Number 38764 on 5 May 2015, dealing with recognition of the Broad-Based Recognition Schemes:

  • The Notice will not have a retrospective effect. This means that all B-BBEE Deals concluded prior to 1 May 2015 will not be affected. These Deals will have a full recognition under Code Series 100.
  • the dti will appoint a Technical Task Team which will explore the appropriate balance between active (direct) and passive (broad-based schemes) ownership. The Technical Task Team will report to the Minister of Trade and Industry its recommendations within thirty (30) days.

Upon receipt of the recommendations, the Minister will provide further guidance on the implementation of Code Series 100.



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