Steps to Follow after Submission of SARS Returns

The actual submission of your tax return to SARS does not end your responsibility as a taxpayer. Certain subsequent actions may be required to successfully assess your affairs and to ensure correct compliance:

  • Check the status of your assessment with SARS (via e-filing or telephonically).
  • Once assessed, check whether you are in agreement with all aspects – taxable income, deductions claimed, taxes paid over to SARS as well as any possible penalties and interest that SARS may have levied.
  • Should you disagree with SARS, a correction or an objection may need to be lodged within SARS’ specified timeframes.
  • If in agreement, any outstanding taxes owing to SARS must be paid to them before the specified payment due date. Payment must actually be received by SARS so different banking procedures and cut-off dates may need to be considered when making payment on the last possible date to avoid additional penalties or interest being levied by SARS.
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