Sukuma Relief Programme update

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Despite the fund closing applications on 6 April 2020 (3 days after it opened), prospective applicants were asked to register on a waiting list whilst they work through the applications received.

Good news!!

Sukuma is starting to contact those on their waiting list. If you registered on their waiting list at the time, hopefully, you will be contacted shortly!

If you have not yet registered, we recommend that you register on their site

We can assist you with this registration process (if you so require), or alternatively, assist in lodging the application when you do hear from the Sukuma team.

For further details of all Covid-19 information,
please see our dedicated website page on

As a firm, our priority in respect of all our Clients, Employees and Associates, is that you all stay safe and healthy during these difficult times.

The partners and associates at MD are trained, experienced and are able to assist you in formulating plans to survive and ultimately thrive in times of crisis – please contact us to assist you with these measures.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Good evening, I came across your website & hope you can advise me. I operate as a sole proprietor, I am an occupational therapist in private practice, I could not work for 5 weeks during the lockdown, I applied early in April to the Sukuma relief fund however the site was already closed, I have subsequently re-applied but there is no response. I have all my documents ready and am 100% tax compliant. It has been a difficult time, what can I do to secure a response from the fund? Kindest regards, Leigh Welgemoed.

  2. Than you for your assistance.

    • MDACC says:


      The Sukuma Relief fund was oversubscribed 2 days after it opened and people were placed on a waiting list – they will contact you directly should your name be next on the waiting list.

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