Tax Refund Scam – Beware of email from “SARS”

There has been an email where “SARS” indicates a ‘taxpayer’ is eligible for a refund and that they must follow a specified link to process the refund request in 6-9 days.
SARS has only processed refunds electronically since 1 November 2008 and is only paying refunds into ‘valid’ bank accounts according to their system. The only way to provide SARS with valid bank information is to submit the following documents to the nearest SARS branch office
Original cancelled cheque or an original bank statement for the taxpayer or an original letter from the bank indicating the taxpayer’s Name, Account number and Branch code
Certified copy of your ID document
In the case of a Business or Trust, the ID must be that of the Public Officer

Please note that the following documents are NOT acceptable:
Credit Card accounts
Internet bank statements
Third party banking details
Faxed or emailed statements

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