UIF declarations – are you compliant…?

The Labour legislation requires certain information of employees to be furnished to the Department of Labour on a regular basis. This is usually done via a ‘UI-19’ manual declaration on the 7th of each month following a month end (similar timeframe to when the SARS monthly EMP201 return is submitted and paid).

The Unemployment  Insurance Act (UIF Act) states that any changes to an employee must be declared to the Department, including:

  • New or terminated Employees
  • Changes to Employee’s contact information
  • Changes in remuneration – ie bonuses, overtime, increases etc
  • Changes in status of an employee – ie whether going on Maternity leave or re-instating active status thereafter.

These UI-19 documents should be retained for a period of 5 years from date of submission and the Department can request this information for past periods.

(The information provided is then used to process claims for benefits and to validate credit days allotment or calculate income replacement rates)

The UIF Act also notes that failure to submit these documents is an offence and punishable with a penalty and/or imprisonment. 

Due to the increased SARS queries and audits on PAYE and Department of Labour on-site visits, we highly recommend that an automated payroll is not merely a luxury, but a critical part of the daily function of any business. With our knowledge and years of experience, we can save you precious time and punitive costs by assisting you with this important part of your business as an Employer

Our services include:

  • Monthly payslips with accurate PAYE/SDL/UIF payments
  • Automated reports for monthly EMP201 returns, 6 monthly IRP5/Employer reconciliation and Workmen’s Compensation reports – no manual calculations required
  • Electronic UIF information uploads
  • Salary structuring

Please contact Juanita Roman at our offices on 021 683 4834, for a tailor made quote or any queries relating to our payroll services.

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