When the South African Revenue Service calls you, who do you call first?

When were you or your business last audited by SARS? 

SARS now have more access to information to gather intelligence about your affairs – they can now cross check your affairs to verify details, indicate omissions or irregularities made in any declaration.

SARS are also a lot more aggressive than in the past (looking at ways to increase their revenue collections) – by conducting un-announced inspections for registration verification purposes and searches, they are now ensuring that all taxpayers are on the tax register and that they pay their share of taxes due.

Every taxpayer runs the risk of committing a tax ‘offence’ – whether simply by failing to update their personal contact details with SARS (an unintentional mistake) or a more serious offence like not submitting a tax return on time or even incorrectly claiming expenses on a return. And SARS are now enforcing personal liability for prescribed officers’ for a company’s tax debts. 

Can you or your business afford to pay additional taxes of up to 200% in addition to the charges for tax specialists to do battle with SARS on your behalf? 

When you are audited by SARS, would you have the funds to pay to defend your claim and would your cash flow allow for the lengthy processes involved when dealing with SARS on an audit?

We have been introduced to Q-dos (Tax Enquiry Insurance) to assist and protect you and your business against the increasing threat and costs of a SARS Tax, VAT or PAYE audit. JST Consulting is an Insurance broker licensed to advise you and act as an authorised financial services provider for tax audit insurance products.

For further assistance, please contact our offices on 021 683 4834.

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