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Workmen’s Compensation – see how you can benefit from their payment discounts and use the period amnesty to save penalties and interest 

The Compensation Fund has issued a Notice:

Please be informed that employers qualify for discounts only, and only after they have settled their accounts in full.  So, employers cannot pay a discounted amount as this will leave their accounts with an outstanding balance.  The date of payment determines the discount percentage that will be applied to the employers’ accounts.

The conditions to qualify for the discounts are as follows: 

1.  All returns of earnings (ROEs) must be submitted online by 30 April 2013 via the ROE Website.

2.  Penalties for late submission of 10% will be levied on all ROEs submitted after 30 April 2013.

3.  Employers who submit their returns after 30 April 2013 will not qualify for discounts.

4.  All outstanding payments, including the latest (2012 ROE) must be settled in full within 30 days of invoice date in order to qualify for a 10% discount on the 2012 ROE only.

5.  All outstanding payments, including the latest (2012 ROE) settled in fullwithin 60 days of invoice date will qualify employers for a 5% discount on the 2012 ROE only.

6.  All outstanding payments, including the latest (2012 ROE) settled in fullwithin 90 days of invoice date will qualify employers for a 2% discount on the 2012 ROE only.

7.  For example, an employer that files annual returns on or before 30 April 2013 has 90 days in which to settle account in full and qualify for the discounts as stated above. The employer that settles account in full after 31 July 2013 (outside 90 days), will be charged interest and penalty for late payment from 1 August 2013.

Important Note for Un-registered Employers:

8.  Employers that have not previously registered with the Compensation Fund are given amnesty to do so and submit annual returns as per the COID Act. These employers must also submit online by 30 April 2013 and pay assessments before 30 June 2013 in order to qualify for incentives on the 2012 ROE only.  The incentive is applicable to the 2012 ROE only, for the assessment period 1 March 2012 to 28 February 2013.

The normal practice is that new employer registrations (employers that have been trading and paying salaries and wages but had not registered with the Compensation Fund) are required to provide return of earnings for the last four (4) years, however, if there was a claim before the four years then they are required to submit all the returns from the date of the claim.  In the spirit of fairness these employers cannot enjoy the same benefits provided to the registered employers that have been complying with the provisions of the COID Act.

Interest and penalties will not be levied until 30 June 2013. 

Interest and penalties will be levied from 1 July 2013.


The letter of good standing will be issued for a period of one year, expiring 30 April 2014, to all employers that meet the above requirements. Employers who enter into an instalment arrangement will be issued with a letter of good standing on a month-to-month basis until their accounts are fully settled.

Employers placed on instalment plan will qualify for the discounts only when their accounts have been settled in full by 31 July 2013.   

Employers are encouraged to refrain from requesting to be issued with interim letters of good standing when they have not paid their accounts and must refuse to be issued with one on a periodic basis (i.e. 3 months, 2 months; etc) unless they have been placed on an official instalment plan.  Only under special circumstances caused by the fault on the part of Compensation Fund will these letters be issued by the officials appointed by the Director of Income.

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Tracy says:

    We would like to register on line to get our latest forms etc

    • Tax Dept says:

      The department has enabled the functionality to submit the Return Of Earnings (ROE) online at

      Select > “Compensation Fund Return of Earnings Submissions” ( and then follow the on-screen tips to register.

      Once registered you will receive the login and password via email. Upon logging in you will have to request access per reference number. The number to use is on the ROE email and is labelled reference number (generally appears to start with “9…..”)

      If you have not received your ROE via mail, you can contact the Compensation Fund on one of the following numbers for the correct contact number to use: 012 319 9145 / 9452 / 9231 / 9261 / 9445.

      We would welcome the opportunity to assist you with any further queries you may have.

      We are able to provide you with a professional and personalised service to meet all your tax and other financial requirements.

      Please do not hesitate to contact myself, Juanita Roman, at our offices on 021 683 4834.

      Please refer to our Disclaimer.

  2. Vusi says:

    I need to know that is it possible for me to get the LOGS from Compensation Fund because my Company has a huge debt with COID. The mere reason for such a huge debt is that on my first attempt to obtain such a document I registered too many employees. But it turned out that after everything was done to get the project, we failed and we were never able to get another contract from thereon up until now as I am currently busy trying to get registered with another project on the mine.
    Now what happened then is that my registration with COID accumulated from back 2006 up till now. That is a huge amount that I would not be able to pay instantly and besides my company has never worked on any project, Government or Private.
    What I actually need the COID to do is to reconcile these terms and clear my company from that particular debt so that I can be able to apply for another project which is current.
    I trust that all is in order.
    Your amicable response is appreciable.

  3. TREVOR says:

    hi there i got outstanding coida payment of 2011 and did not do business eversince,now want to pay full payment because i need LOGS.
    What is my best option to get LOGS asap.

    • MDACC says:

      Dear Trevor

      We suggest that you contact the Compensation Commissioner directly.

      Kind regards

  4. Nils Schwarz says:

    Good afternoon.
    Is a sole member of a cc considered an employee, and would he need to pay COID?
    I have run my own cc for many years, and only now realized that I may have a problem as I never registered for COID.

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