Your car and your Blackberry can save you tax

Did you know that studies have shown that if you drive more than 20,000 kilometres in a year, it now makes more financial and tax sense to drive a company car than claim a travel allowance on your own car?

Why not assist your employees to be more productive and at the same time save tax on their salaries? If you give your employees their tools of trade such as a cell phone or an ADSL line at home to work away from the office, there is no fringe benefit to the employee and you can build the cost into your employees’ packages, save them tax and claim the VAT on the business expenses.

At a time of ever increasing costs, let us help you to structure your and your employees’ salaries to pay the least tax and take home a bigger salary.

We offer a cost efficient outsourced payroll function that will save you time to work on your business and will ensure that you are compliant with the excessive compliance requirements. Why expose your business to unnecessary tax risks when we can help you look after your employees and ensure your peace of mind?

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