July – December 2012

December 2012 

In this issue:

B-BBEE: Two Things Worth Knowing

1. Exempted Micro Enterprises: B-BBEE Certificates can be issued for you by your Independent Reviewer, Auditor or Accounting Officer

2. What we can expect in the future

* The qualifying turnover
* Procurement
* Ownership
* QSEs

Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI): The 30 April Deadline is Approaching!

* How will the MOI affect my business?
* Take advice!

Is Your Staff Being Swamped By Garnishee Orders?

* What are garnishee orders?
* What can you do?

Finance 101: The Medium Term Budget Framework (MTBF): What Does It Tell Us?

November 2012

In this issue:

The New Tax Ombudsman: Will You Benefit?

* What is the role of the Tax Ombud?
* How independent will the Tax Ombud be?
* Is there a catch?
* In summary

Vat 201 Returns – “Business as Usual”

IFRS for SMEs is Here!

* Why the move to IFRS for SMEs?
* How does this affect me?

Administration 101 – Three Things to Think About

101.1 Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Increase – Update Your Systems

101.2 Your Business Address: CIPC Gets Tough
Why is CIPC doing this?
What happens if I don’t follow CIPC’s laid down procedure?

101.3 Electronic Records Storage
What about Cloud storage?

23 October 2012

In this issue:

VAT 201 Submission Dates Unchanged

October 2012

In this issue:

Time is Running Out if Your Residence is in a Trust, a Company or a Close Corporation (CC)

* Does it make economic sense to have my residence in an individual’s name?
* Other Considerations

As SARS Enforces Compliance With New Powers, Where Does That Leave You, The Taxpayer?

* But it’s not all bad

Annual Duty and Annual Returns: Another Burden?

* Why annual returns?
* The cost of compliance
* The consequences of non-compliance

Business 101: If Your Head Isn’t In the Clouds, Your IT Platform Soon Will Be!

* How does it work – an example
* What does this mean to you?

September 2012

In this issue:

Spreadsheets – A Ticking Time Bomb

Consider this

Corruption: The Scourge That Can Affect Your Business

* What the survey said
* What is happening locally?
* Where does that leave you?

Is Your Business Eligible For Small Business Corporations (SBCs) Or Micro Businesses (MBs) Tax Benefits?

* The problem
* What happened?
* But the Court differed
* What can we take away?

Finance 101: How Seriously Do You Take Your Pricing?

* The issues
* What do studies show?

Your Tax Deadlines For September

August 2012

In this issue:

Directors’ Liabilities: No Room for Delinquent Directors in the New Companies Act

* The delinquency danger, and grounds for declaration
* Who can apply to the Court to declare a director delinquent?

Penalties under the New Tax Administration Act – a Move Towards Transparency

* The “understatement” penalties

Do You E-Mail Your Invoices? Make Sure You Do It Legally!

Finance 101: Your Business Plan – A Key Ingredient To Success

* What is a business plan and who should do it?
* Why is it important?

Your Tax Deadlines For August

July 2012

In this issue:

Tax Clearance Certificates – A Victory for the Taxpayer

* What is a tax clearance certificate and why is it so important?
* The High Court lays down the law

Labour Reform: Proposed Changes You Need To Know

* The earnings threshold increase (from 1 July)
* New liabilities, new restrictions

What Password Do You Use? Beware, the Hackers are Watching

* So, what are the 10 most used passwords? And what to do about it

Finance 101: How Well Do You Manage Your Debtors?

* New trends, new risks

January – June 2012