January – June 2013

June 2013

In this issue:

Theft: Can You Claim a Tax Deduction and/or a Loss?

  • When can you claim a deduction and/or a loss for tax?
  • It gets tougher
  • And tougher
  • Prevention is the best solution!

Use Only a Registered Tax Practitioner Because …..

  • What is a “Tax Practitioner”?
  • What is a “Recognised Controlling Body”?
  • Why regulate Tax Practitioners?

Finance 101: Retirement Part I – Are You Ready?

  • Why do we need a retirement plan?
  • The earlier we plan the better
  • The starting point – “Where are we now?”

Tax Corner

  • What are Third Parties telling SARS about you?
  • The New Company Tax Return (ITR14)
  • IRP5s 


May 2013

In this issue:

Directors: Check Your Liability Insurance!

  • What are your new liabilities?
  • Do these liabilities apply only to directors?
  • Insurance and indemnification – the Good News
  • The limitations

What Information Must A Tax Invoice Contain?

  • See sample Tax Invoice with notes

Your Trademarks Are Worth Protecting

  • Why is it important to your business?
  • What happened in the SCA

Finance 101 – Is a Consensus Emerging in The Labour Market?

  • So what exactly is happening?

Tax Corner: Reminder – Your 2013 Employer Reconciliation Must Be Completed Soon 


April 2013

In this issue:

Tax Disputes: Does the “Pay Now Argue Later” Principle Still Apply?

  • The new procedure – how it works

Don’t Miss the 30 April Deadline for Your New “MOI”!

You and The Budget – Good or Bad? Part 1 “The Big Picture”

  • The big picture

You and The Budget – Good or Bad? Part 2 “How Does it Affect You?”

  • How does it affect you?
  • The bottom line – and will taxes increase?

Blimey! There’s Horse in My Wors and Kangaroo in My Kebab – What Does the Consumer Protection Act Say?

  • A lesson here for businesses
  • What does the CPA say?
  • Can the consumer claim for damages?

Tax Corner: Are You Ready for the 2013 Employer Reconciliation? 


March 2013

In this issue:

Be Careful: Court Cases Throw New Light on Tax Avoidance

  • What has the practice been?
  • What are the Courts saying?
  • Be careful!

The Consumer Protection Act – Why Has It Gone Quiet?

  • What is happening on the ground?
  • Power to the people

Social Media:  Employees and The Damage Risk To Your Business!

  • Employees: the dismissal danger
  • Employers: what you should do

Business 101: The National Development Plan (NDP) Is Now Official Government Policy – What Does It Mean For Us All? 

  • What is the NDP and why is it important to us all?
  • Where are we today?
  • What needs to be done?
  • What are the milestones?
  • What are the critical actions required? 
  • The bottom line 

Tax Corner

  • Phishing scams
  • New version of e@syFile launched

The Budget


February 2013

In this issue:

Beware: Software Piracy Could Be Devastating For Your Business and For Directors

• A new legal route to attack piracy 
• Directors: your personal liability risk
• Be Aware!

Provisional Taxpayers – New Rules Apply and Penalties Will Be Automatically Imposed!

• Estimating your provisional tax
o Taxable income up to R1 million
o Taxable income greater than R1 million

• Changes to provisional tax rules – the good news
• Penalties – the bad news
• Plan your provisional payment and get professional advice!

CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) Issues New Deregistration Guidelines

• The Process
• The consequences of deregistration

Your Chance to Influence the 2013 Budget!

EMP201 Submission Troubles?

Your Tax Deadlines For February 


January 2013

In this issue:

Directors and Shareholders: Can You Meet Via Skype or Email?

  • The requirements

VAT Inputs on Professional Membership Dues – SARS Clamps Down

  • Do you pay for your staff’s professional memberships? Can you claim the VAT inputs?
  • The position with income tax
  • Other staff expense VAT inputs

Diesel Rebates: Are They Worth Applying For?

  • What is the catch?
  • What to do

Finance 101: Who Pays Tax? Where Do We Stand Globally? Is There an Increase On The Cards?

  • How do we compare globally?
  • Overall

Your Tax Deadlines for January

July – December 2013