Mandela Day 2020 – MD taking action!

Jul 18, 2020 | Staff News

MD’s staff contributions to Mandela Day for 2020

See details of our donations and 67 minutes of time spent below. Keith then dropped off the packets at Alphen Spar on Friday evening, in time for Mandela Day today.

Sam, Nadia, Amanda and Keith made 85 packets in total at the office. Thank you Team!!!

Click here for Constantia CAN details |

Second Mandela Day contribution in the form of a donation:

Click here for The Free Food Kitchen Fundraising event details |

This donation is in aid of the Free Food Kitchen. Our ex-staff member Karen Venter is busy organising a donation-based virtual yoga event on Sunday 2 August in aid of this charity.

MD’s social responsibility page |

“A fundamental concern for others
in our individual and community lives
would go a long way in making the world
the better place we so passionately dreamt of.”
– Nelson Mandela

Nadia and Amanda | Sam in front

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