Estate Planning

Estate planning involves applying the laws of property, trusts, wills, future interests, insurance and taxation to structure your affairs for your maximum benefit and enjoyment, and to ensure that your family is cared for during your lifetime and after your death.

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service to assist you with all of these areas, including:

  • Identifying your needs
  • Drafting of a will
  • Forming and administering inter vivos or testamentary trusts
  • Administering your estate
  • Acting as executors or as agents of nominated executors
  • Calculating your estate duty liability
  • Planning the liquidity of your estate

Retirement & Estate Planning – Objectives:

Ensure your affairs and assets are ordered in the most efficient and effective way so you can enjoy them during your lifetime. And on your death, whenever that may occur, your family will continue to enjoy the maximum benefit from your estate.