A Debtors Clerk’s Perspective

Oct 17, 2015 | FYI's

Article written by:  Sajidah Khan | Debtors Clerk and Frontline Administrator | MD Accountants & Auditors Inc.

Building relationships with your clients is the cornerstone to being a progressive and happy debtors clerk. Of course things are never as seamless as you would like them to be – always expect the unexpected and always be prepared with a valid answer and composed retort. It’s stressful and frenzied at times, but that’s what makes it stimulating and interesting.

Having good insight into your clients and what they do (and what they expect), as well as principled interpersonal skills are the materials needed for a smooth foundation in the debtors department.

I quickly came to realise that no one likes to be asked for payment (or matter-of-fact, asking for it), so why make the situation more formidable with formalities and a strict agenda? I try various approaches with every one of the clients I contact; some producing success, whilst sometimes I wish I had never picked up the phone.

Methodical thinking and a dash of foresight are key ingredients to a well-functioning debtors department. Each day holds new challenges and requires preparation to be a success. The pace of the day is surprisingly rapid, and one must remain animated and assertive to keep pace with the regular changes and intrusions. Staying focused and committed to one’s duty is what renders the best results. Seeing difficulties as challenges is what allows one to enjoy working as a debtors clerk. Resolving issues from beginning to end, brings a sense of fulfilment at the end of the day.

The management of debtors might not appeal to everyone, but it has satisfied my enthusiastic appetite for procuring skills that, not only benefit our clients and my employer, but importantly fuel my intellectual expansion.

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