Ex-staff Feedback

Trymore Munzaza – Audit Supervisor

Before I joined MD I had spent my 3 years training at a top-tier audit firm and was a bit confident that I had learned a lot, I thought I had learned it all.

But when I joined MD the level of exposure I got was so much that just in my first year it felt like my experience and exposure was more that the 3 years I had spent elsewhere.

Even after leaving MD, I have greatly excelled in my career with recognition internationally through the experience I got at MD.

If there is anyone who is ready to learn MD is the place. Thanks, MD for the opportunity you gave me, and hope you do the same for others that follow.

Cathy Leroy-Haumann – Practice Manager

I spent 16,5 years with MD, starting out as the Receptionist and working my way up to the Practice Manager for the last eight years. During this time I was also a PA to the directors and worked directly for Alexis Sacks for many years.

MD taught me so many things; it is difficult to know where to begin. In a sentence, I was able to gain the skills, experience and confidence needed to start my own business in 2016.

The partners, management team and staff at MD are extraordinary. They are amazingly dedicated and hardworking individuals, who will always go the extra mile for their work and their fellow team members. I have made life-long friendships and gained an invaluable network through my time there.

I wish MD everything of the best into the future and beyond!

“The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance.
Remember, the greatest failure is to not try.
Once you find something you love to do,
be the best at doing it.”
– Debbi Fields

Zulpha Petersen – SAIPA Article Clerk

A Heartfelt thank you…

I did my SAIPA articles at MD in 2011 – 2015. I just wanted to say thank you. I recently wrote the SAIPA PE exam in May 2017 and I passed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to complete my articles at the firm. It was a wonderful experience, hardcore, and taught me a great deal.

Thanks again to you and MD accounting and tax staff for the training provided, it enabled me to pass with flying colours and also to become the professional I had been aiming to become since I finished school. MD will forever have a tender place in my heart and memories.

Ronald Mugunzva – Trainee Accountant

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff at MD for a worthwhile time I had during my tenure with the organisation.  I enjoyed each day I was part of MD and miss everyone especially colleagues and mentors in the Audit and Accounting Department.  I can humbly say I learnt a lot and would like to thank you for the opportunity to be part of your great team.

The MD team is unlike any other, supportive and dedicated to both clients and employee development.  May this selflessness and unwavering support continue to burn in each and every one at MD.

Karen Venter – Company Secretary

My time at MD was an excellent learning experience where I grew from a Taxation Assistant to the Statutory Department Manager.  My training needs were more than satisfied as both Dave and Alexis mentored me while sending me on many seminars and workshops where I continued to learn lots of new information that I could plough back into my work at MD.

Since leaving MD I still continue to assist them in the Company Secretarial department and will always feel a great sense of loyalty towards the Company as the experience has shaped me into the person I am today.

Mohsin Cajee – Audit Manager

Many years ago I was at the proverbial fork in the road and had the important decision to make in selecting which auditing firm to begin my career with.  Looking back I can confirm that joining MD was one of the best career decisions I made.  MD provided the perfect platform that allowed me to learn, grow and develop both in my chosen profession and as a person.

I had the opportunity to work with experienced and talented partners, managers and trainees across many industries in a working environment that emphasized excellence, teamwork and constantly challenged me to stretch myself.  MD’s approach to teamwork and work life balance was encouraged through social and fun events and these helped further develop relationships.  Working at MD was certainly a highlight in my career and has equipped me with all the relevant tools and skills that have benefited me in setting and achieving my career goals.

Michael Hall – Accounting Manager

With support, training and exposure to a wide variety of clients, MD offered me the opportunity to grow and develop within their accounting division.  The skills and experience gained while working at MD assisted in my career development and have been invaluable in my current role as General Manager for a market leader.

Saul Josselowitz – Trainee Accountant -> CA (SA)

MD Accountants have superior training and expertise, with a wide range of clients in all industries have provided me with the perfect stepping stone to be a CA(SA) and Financial Manager of a market leader.

Glenn Flatwell

My time at MD Accountants was one the most enriching periods of my working career.  The deportment, approachability and management styles, which included a large component of mentorship encouraged me to strive to develop a mirrored approach.  It was fantastic to be part of the ‘MD Family’ and regularly refer to… ‘When I was at MD…’.

Thank you Alexis and Dave for the opportunity and may your practice continue to flourish, whilst continuing to enrich the lives of the ‘new members’ of the MD family.