Employee’s Tax information required for 1st provisional return for 2018 

Jul 19, 2017 | Taxation Blog

We are in the process of preparing the first provisional tax returns for the 2018 tax year, due for submission to SARS by 31 August 2017.

We would therefore, appreciate it if you could furnish us with either a copy of your latest payslip OR the total of your PAYE (Employees tax) paid thus far for the tax year 1 March 2017 to date (if possible, June 2017).

Please state the amount of PAYE that was deducted from your salary and the date until which it was calculated.

We would appreciate your reply by latest 24 July 2017 to allow us sufficient time to prepare the return and advise you of the necessary payment ahead of the 31 August 2017 deadline.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries with regards to the above.

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