Managing your business during these challenging times

Aug 11, 2020 | Finance Blog, FYI's

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As we emerge from the challenges of lockdown, we know that one of the largest issues facing business owners is cash flow management. We all need to review our cashflow commitments, revisit our business plans and rethink our strategy in our “new normal”.

We have included an Excel-based generic COVID Cashflow Template for you to use to help you with formulating the plan to protect your business and help map your cashflows in and out of your business

Let us help you to manage this process as it can be daunting.

We have also developed a simple and engaging approach to mapping out your most effective business strategy. Many of us put our budgeting and forecasting exercises and business model planning on hold when the Pandemic hit us as there was just so much uncertainty, so now is a very good time to revisit both of these critical exercises for your business.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

The partners and associates at MD are trained, experienced and able to assist you in formulating plans to survive and ultimately thrive in times of crisis
– speak to us if you need help!

Be well and stay safe.

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