Exciting news ahead of Women’s Day – Adjudicated Top Gender Empowered Company in the Accounting and Consulting Sector

Aug 8, 2023 | FYI's

“Dear Alexis,

Endorsed by the Commission for Gender Equality, The Standard Bank Top Women is South Africa’s leading gender empowerment brand celebrating organizations in both the public and private sector for prioritizing gender empowerment as an integral part of their business strategies. See our website here

We are delighted to inform you that MD Accountants & Auditors Inc. has qualified as one of South Africa’s Top Gender Empowered Companies. Congratulations!

After months of rigorous research and benchmarking, our team of researchers has determined that your company met stringent criteria required to be considered one of the best companies in the Accounting and Consulting sector.

The criteria we consider when determining if an organisation is a top gender empowered company are:

  • 20% of Female Ownership, Shareholding or Partnership
  • 20% Female Executive Directors
  • 30% Female Employees
  • 10% Female Senior Management
  • Female-Empowerment Company Policies
  • Women Focused Skills Development

Based on this MD Accountants & Auditors Inc. been positioned as a leader of gender empowerment and transformation in South African business within your sector.”

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