PAIA submissions

May 24, 2024 | CoSec Blog

We refer to the recent notice from the Information Regulator in accordance with section 83(4) of PAIA. The Regulator has requested the submission of the Annual Report from all Private Bodies by 30 June 2024 detailing requests for access to records received and processed by every private body.

As part of our ongoing statutory compliance function that we perform on your behalf, we would submit this report to the Regulator on your behalf as is required.

Kindly confirm whether you have received and processed any requests for access to any records for us to submit the report.

Should you not respond to this email by 31 May 2024, we will note on our records that you have not received any requests, nor have you processed any requests for this period of the report.

Please contact me should you have any queries in this regard.

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