SAICA’s action plan in response to the recent unrest

Jul 29, 2021 | FYI's

A follow-up to our email to clients and what our profession is doing:

SAICA’s action plan in response to the recent unrest

The events that have played out in the country over the last few weeks have had an immense impact on all South Africans. The negative effect on businesses and livelihoods has been severe, and our members, their clients and communities in the Eastern Region (Kwazulu Natal) in particular have been impacted.

At SAICA, we see our members as well as ourselves as leaders in the economy – individuals who can make a difference in society to better the lives of everyone. It is our duty to do what we can to alleviate the emotional and physical hardship that South Africans have been subjected to. As members, we need to be a part of the solution and make a difference where we can.

Following from member requests and engagement with the SAICA Eastern Region Council, SAICA leadership is urging our members across the world to join in a campaign in an effort to help not only our members, but also individuals, who can benefit from our members’ expertise to rebuild their businesses and deal with the emotional and mental stress that they are experiencing.

The campaign is called Difference Makers: Business Emergency Rescue (BER) and while we look forward to share more details of our actions, the plan includes, amongst others, the following:

  1. SAICA is engaging with SASRIA, the insurance company that provides coverage for damage caused by special risks such as politically motivated malicious acts, riots, strikes, terrorism and public disorders, to determine how we can collaborate in an effort to help our members, their businesses and their clients who have been impacted during the riots. SASRIA published a press release on 16 July regarding claims processes. SASRIA, in collaboration with Aon, is also hosting a free webinar tomorrow, 30 July from 11:00-12:00, which you can register for here. We will continue engaging with SASRIA and other organisations regarding possible future webinars that may be needed.

  2. We realise that a number of our members, their employees and clients are struggling following the riots, and therefore we are in the process of finalising emotional resilience sessions in collaboration with Independent Counselling and Advisory Services (ICAS). We will share more information in this regard as soon as it becomes available.In addition, we have hosted a number of Wellness Check-In webinars, which you can access for free on the SAICA website. We have also received helpful information from a UK-based company called Resilience First. Although their guidance has been written from a UK perspective regarding resilience during the pandemic, some of the learnings may be of use to members who are experiencing a difficult time. You can find more information on Resilience First’s advice on the SAICA website.

  3. We have launched a SAICA community group on the Telegram Messenger application where members will be able to connect with each other to ask for and offer advice and support as needed. This app can be downloaded on mobile devices as well as on a desktop computer. Please ensure you download the Telegram Messenger application rather than other versions of Telegram.SAICA will verify membership status before members gain access to the group. You can sign up to join the group by following this link. Kindly read the group’s terms and conditions as well as the POPIA disclaimer on the sign-up page before joining the group.

  4. SAICA is partnering with Gift of the Givers to provide an opportunity for members and their organisations to contribute financially towards the relief efforts aimed at resuscitating the economy, thus alleviating societal hardships. Members can make the contribution directly to Gift of the Givers through this bank account:
    Gift of the Givers
    Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Branch code: 057525
    Account number: 052137228
    Kindly use the following reference number: SAICA/BER
    You can send your deposit slip to for a s18A tax deductible certificate.
    SAICA has engaged Gift of the Givers in this regard to facilitate a more streamlined and direct process of administrating the welfare fund.

  5. SAICA is reactivating the Business Emergency Room as part of an economic relief and recovery initiative, assisting businesses adversely affected by the recent turbulence which has brought about a number of changes and difficulties to the business world. The SAICA Business Emergency Room will once again call on experts to participate as part of a panel of business advisory experts, offering support to businesses in response to the current economic strain and its repercussions on society. This service remains purely an advisory service and not an implementation service. Participation will be on a pro-bono basis for a limited period. Business experts who are willing to help should kindly sign up via this link.

  6. We are further arranging an Economic Recovery Conference, not only to support members who may have been impacted, but also to reignite the economy in order to alleviate the impact of the recent violence as well as the ongoing pandemic.

  7. SAICA is also engaging SARS on matters like tax implications as well as the banking sector to discuss loans and support for those members who may need it.

Further information will be provided on the above mentioned and other matters as these become available.

We will also share the good news stories that arise from this initiative by using #differencemakers and #countmein, for it is truly in adversity that people come together as a community to help each other to create a caring society. It is imperative that we celebrate these stories.

Thank you to all members who have already stepped up to help others. We appreciate your dedication to the wellbeing of not only our fellow South Africans, but also the economy.


Freeman Nomvalo
SAICA Chief Executive Officer

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