SARS New Customs Imports and Exports registration platform – RLA – are you correctly registered?

Oct 5, 2023 | Taxation Blog

We refer to our communications sent in March 2023 relating to SARS’ move from their old customs platform to a new Registration, Licencing, and Accreditation (RLA) system on SARS efiling.

SARS required all current registered customs numbers to be moved/migrated to the RLA platform to electronically manage the updated customs registered details.

Most clients have attended to this migration already, however, if you have not yet attended to this move/migration and/or have received communication from SARS that they are about to “Suspend” your old custom numbers for import and/or export, please contact our offices by latest 9/10/2023 to assist you with this urgent process.

We also advise that SARS is likely to request that supporting documents are uploaded; however, this can only be confirmed after the actual submission is complete as SARS will determine which documents will be required. The most common documents requested would be an affidavit from the Public Officer, the proof of physical business address (i.e. rates account or lease/rental invoice), and proof of telephone numbers for the business itself (i.e. Telkom account).

We have also experienced issues where the old customs rights are not available on the taxpayer’s profile which blocks this conversion – If so, we would need to attend a manual appointment with customs first to update their records to avoid any further delays.

Please contact our offices urgently should you have any queries in this regard as the deadline date is Friday 13/10/2023.

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