Season’s Greetings

Dec 21, 2020 | FYI's, Staff News

Season’s Greetings from MD!


2020 was more than we could ever have envisaged when we all began 20plenty with such enthusiasm and excitement. We had just appointed our Associates and we were looking forward to another year of making a difference to our clients, colleagues, staff and communities.

In March when we were all locked down, we were most fortunate to be able to shift our services to the remote environment and continue to help you, our clients, as effectively as the Covid regulations allowed. Online meetings, telephone calls and the new Covid legislation, together with the financial and humanitarian anxieties, became the new normal.

We were all thankful when we moved through the levels of lock-down and we continued to assist you to navigate the financial pressures of the pandemic. We were very proud of our team who worked long hours to meet their deadlines and showed tremendous personal strength during such difficult times.

We are also so very grateful to you, our clients, for your support and understanding during these challenging times and circumstances. And as we look to 2021 and beyond, we ask you to consider referring your friends and colleagues to us so that we may continue to grow and provide the value-added services to more in our community.

We are extremely proud of our staff who voted to donate our year-end function budgeted funds to the Santa Shoebox Project. This act of Ubuntu and kindness displays a beautiful compassion and understanding of the challenges faced by so many in our country.

As we have always believed in sharing our appreciation with our clients and community, we have also made further donations during the year to several charitable organisations as we continue to work with and support those in need – all these details have been posted to our website at

We are all looking forward to some time to rest and recharge ahead of 2021 with renewed hope for a vaccine that seems imminent, a recovering economic climate and a “new normal” that seems to be quite successful.

Our offices are closing on 15th December and we will be returning on 4th January 2021. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and restful holiday season and success, good health and happiness in 2021.

Warmest wishes

Dave, Alexis, Associates and Team at MD


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