A fundamental concern for others
in our individual and community lives
would go a long way in making the world
the better place we so passionately dreamt of.
Nelson Mandela

We believe in sharing our success and appreciation with the community and our clients. Our vision of “Financial Leadership Through Professional Excellence” goes hand in hand with our corporate social responsibility offerings.

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Our Donations and Time Given for Others

Eid | April Donation 2024

Dear MD Accountants & Auditors inc
It is the generosity of people like you that bring hope and opportunity to people in dire distress; men, women and children who await the Almighty’s Mercy through very selected representatives on earth. You are one of those fortunate few selected to distribute His Mercy through your selfless act of giving unconditionally. Gift of the Givers is proud to be associated with you as it brings us closer to the Almighty by delivering your contribution to those in untold misery.
Gift of the Givers celebrated 30 years of serving humanity on 06 August 2022, being born on a Thursday night after a special prayer ceremony in Istanbul, Turkey, with the name being given by a Spiritual (Sufi) teacher emphasising that in the service of humanity there is no race, no religion, no class, no culture, no political affiliation and no geographical boundary. There is only unconditional service, preserving the dignity of the recipient and delivering aid of the highest quality. Gift of the Givers track record bears testament to this spiritual instruction over its 30-year history, having delivered over R4.5 billion of aid to millions of people in 46 countries with rural South Africans being the major beneficiaries of this collective amount.